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The Forsaken had an instant's warning, enough to turn before Moiraine struck her,
clawing the bracelet away. Face to face, they toppled through the doorframe ter'angreal.
White light swallowed everything.
Allegiance: The Light, The White Tower.
Title(s): Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, Lady of House Damodred, Lady Alys, Mari.
Favorite Saying: The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

Slender with large dark eyes - like deep pools - and dark hair hanging in soft ringlets. All these along with smooth cheeked agelessness make for a very beautiful woman. Very short, even for a Cairhienen.

She holds herself with a grace and an air of command, appearing to glide rather than walk. She often wears a sparkling bluestone (kesiera) in the middle of her forehead through which she is able to do many small tricks of the One Power.

Very observant, she remembers everything, storing it away for later use. A strong believer in destiny and the Pattern.

Moiraine grew up in the royal palace in Cairhien, the niece of King Laman, but never mourned his death for a second. She had the spark of the One Power and began to teach herself how to channel using tricks with transparent and translucent stones. She went to the White Tower as a novice at 16 where she became best friends with Siuan Sanche. Together they were in many pranks. A quick learner, in only six years she was raised to Aes Sedai at the age of 22. They both passed all tests the first time.

On the night before being raised to Aes Sedai while the Battle of the Shining Walls raged on Dragonmount, she and Siuan were attending the then Amyrilin, Tamra Ospenya, and the Keeper of the Chronicles, Gitara Moroso. Gitara suddenly stood up proclaiming the birth of the Dragon Reborn and fell down dead. Moiraine and Siuan set out to find and guide this child despite Tamra trying to keep them out of the search.

After searching for children born during Blood Snow for many years, they came across the story of a man finding a baby in the snow. After nineteen years of searching, she entered Emonds Field and led Rand, Mat and Perrin away to find out which of them was the Dragon.

She has devoted her life to finding and helping the Dragon Reborn, at the cost of a life, friends and family. Since the beginning, she has wanted Rand to depend on her alone. This has led to division between herself and Rand.

Her companion on this search has been Lan, her Warder, whom on first meeting she dumped a pond onto. This was after she had been thrown into the same pond by Lan. A freezing cold pond in early spring in Kandor.

When Lanfear confronted Rand at the docks in Cairhien, Moiraine tackled Lanfear, carrying them both through the redstone doorway which then burned to the ground either killing them or trapping them in the land of the foxes. We now know that Lanfear was held by the Aelfinn and Eelfinn before being reborn into a new body. Moiraine's fate is not yet known with Lan's bond with her being broken. See the WOT FAQ on her death.

Using compulsion, she organised that when she died, Lan's bond would be passed to Myrelle. This occured when she disappeared into the doorway.

She was the favorite niece of King Laman and the youngest half-sister of Taringail.

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